Designing Your Own Website For A Website

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Here is a Guide to Help You Create Your Own Website... Creating a website is simple...if you know where to start. In case you do not know where to start, here are a few tips! The Beginning Stages of Creating a Website In order to build a website, you must start with key three steps. Regardless of the website type, these three steps stay the same for every website. Register a domain name Purchase web hosting Install WordPress Each of these steps play a very important role in how your website will look and run. Before beginning, make sure you are well prepared with any information you may need. Where to Register a Domain Name In order to register a domain name, there are few websites you can use. In this tutorial, HostGator is the website being used to register a domain name. HostGator For those interested in using this website to register their own domain names, here is some important information. Before you come up with you domain name, you must select a plan. The plans offered on HostGator include: Hatchling Plan- There are many features that come with this plan, but this plan allows for only 1 domain name. So for those only wanting to create one website, this plan would be best for you. Baby Plan- With this plan, you may register an unlimited amount of domain names. This plan is great for those interested in building multiple websites. Business Plan- This is the largest package HostGator offers. It includes unlimited domain names, along with a free
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