Designing a Business Plan to Impress the Job Interviewer at Merrill Lynch

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Running Head: FINANCIAL ADVISOR POSITION WITH MERRIL LYNCH Financial Advisor Position with Merrill Lynch 1: Introduction Objective of this paper is to design the business plan to impress the job interviewer of Merrill Lynch. The first task to achieve is to implement the company mission. 1.1: Company's Mission and how to achieve it My mission for the Merrill Lynch is to stand apart by maintaining and building client's relationships. I will achieve my mission statement by enhancing the client's relationships and conduct business based on five unwavering principles: Respect for the individual, Team work, Client focus, Integrity, and Responsible citizenship. The strengths that I will use to achieve the company mission are the qualitative and quantitative equity management skills. I will also use the combination of communication skills, self-motivative, analytical and adaptive to change skills to achieve my objectives. 1.2: Value Statement My value statement is to make financial live better by treating each customer, teammate and client as an individual. I also believe in connecting with people person-to-person with understanding and empathy. I believe in integrity, discipline and make a clear and fair decision leading to community building and citizenship. 1.3: 30-60-and 90-day Plans My 30-day business plan is to analyze the business needs, identify competitors and potential challenges, and take appropriate plan of action. As part of my 30-day plan is to

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