Designing a Commitment Oriented Strategy for Employees

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Introduction - Everything in a new hospital begins from square one. The mission, vision, rationale and objectives are explicit and coherent. The organizational structure is illustrated in an organizational chart, showing the departments, which will endeavor to fulfill the mission, vision, and objectives of the hospital organization. Assume that these are the information, therapeutic, diagnostic, and support services departments. All these departments from the top level to the bottom will have to be staffed. And in order to fulfill the sworn mission, vision and objectives of the hospital, the workforce must be duly qualified and fully committed. It then becomes the responsibility of the human resources to draw up a strategy, which will recruit, train, supervise and maintain employees who are motivated and committed to their jobs and the organization. Designing a Commitment-Oriented Strategy Principles and Concept This is the product of human resource planning, which in turn, evolves from already stated organizational principles. These principles set forth the fundamental concepts on the importance of human resources or HR, its integration with company objectives, information efficiency and centralized decision-making (Mayhew 2012). A leadership, which fully understands the impact of a truly effective human resources department, best fulfills the principle on the importance of HR and HR planning. It frankly recognizes that human resources are the most important
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