Designing a Driving Instructor Robot

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Driver-Bot Paper

Introduction/Overall Project Description
The idea for the Driver-Bot came from a simple discussion about driver’s education.
Driver’s training and education are big events for young adults, but sometimes learning to drive from a parent or from an online course can be too stressful. The Driver-Bot was born from a need to invent a new way to teach driving. Unlike online courses, the Driver-Bot gives a better and more realistic physical representation of driving. However, modern simulators can actually placed drivers in situations, forcing to react to virtual situations. The Driver-Bot was designed to be cheaper than these simulators. This project is just a smaller scale of the actual project idea.
This primitive
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The simulators place drivers in dangerous situation without any risks. Drivers can gain experience driving through snow, fog, and other environmental hazards.
Another type of modern-day training is done through the computer. Online courses from sites such as can help with not only training but educating drivers. In fact, training through the computer has been an efficient way for many companies to train drivers.
Companies such as Instructional Technology, Inc., use these interactive computer lessons called
TREAD-1 that teach much like driving simulators8. Driver’s training no longer has to be only on-road experience, and technology continues to evolve to give new ways to train.
Smart Cars
As our final project demonstrates a car undergoing a driver’s education test, the car runs in autonomous mode and gets information about its surroundings by using sensors. Using programming in NQC, the RCX’s job is to complete the course successfully while using the
DMV’s rules for the road in California. However, past the Lego pieces and the simple programming in NQC, this simple RCS is a small example of an autonomous robot car that is

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