Designing a Hybrid Global Sourcing Strategy

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SCM Main Assignment BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Subject: Supply Chain Management Class: Logistics Student: Peng Yu After gone through the case of “designing a hybrid global sourcing strategy” I felt that the hybrid organization and hybrid sourcing is doable and it should look like what I write at the following contents. Since the task force decided to help Triton transforms into a hybrid organization as well as its purchasing system, they must define what hybrid organization is and what hybrid structure specialize in; advantages of using hybrid structure; how does hybrid organization operates in sourcing efficiency in order to help Triton survives in a behemoth-dominated world. In this case the hybrid structure is attempt to combine…show more content…
- Ensure an availability rate at the highest for high priority items. - Implement a just-in-time system for delivery of materials to our top production line. 3. Supplier service and responsiveness- ensue that all suppliers of equipment and components employed in our products/ services are evaluated as to their abilities to provide satisfactory responses to technical queries within an efficient time. - Ensue that all suppliers of equipment employed in our products/ services are evaluated as to their capabilities to deliver urgently required spare parts within an efficient time. 4. Cost Reduction- ensure that the average price paid for standard materials is at least 2% below the prevailing market. - Reduce the average administrative cost per order by at least 10%. - Ensure that all equipment purchased for the company’s own use or employed in our products/ services is evaluated before acceptance based on its life-cycle cost. How suppliers’ perceptions and your bargaining position affect your supply strategy. This focuses on suppliers’ perceptions, the effect on supplier relationship, reverse marketing, trade-offs between switching costs. Suppliers’ perceptions are focuses on two dimensions which consist of the value of the business that your company is offering to suppliers in relation to their own turnover levels and the combination of other factors determine the level of attractiveness of
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