Designing a Logistics Network Consisting of Only One Warehouse

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Designing a Logistics Network Consisting on Only One Warehouse by for Summer 2013 Innovations in transportation and telecommunications have introduced a number of opportunities for companies of all sizes and types to optimize their transportation networks. This paper provides a description concerning the design of a logistics network that consists of only one warehouse. A discussion concerning what steps will need to taken in order to design the optimal network is followed by a description of the information and data that is needed to make this determination. Finally, an assessment of the strategy will be employed in this network is followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion. Review and Discussion The network design process is used to formulate decisions concerning various aspects of logistics networks (Croxton & Zinn, 2005). Efficient logistics networks are essential for transporting people and goods in the 21st century. In this regard, Katsioloudis (2009) advises that, "Transportation networks facilitate the movements of goods and people to markets and are essential for the prosperity of a society and the competitiveness of an economy" (p. 7). Designing a logistics network in general is a major component of successful material handling. For instance, according to Cheong, Bhatnagar and Graves (2007), "Designing a logistics network that maximizes the utilization of the transport and warehouse capacity in

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