Designing a New Direct Sales and Accounting System Essay

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Final Project Plan

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In this paper, I will be simulating, that as a project manager, I have been designated to design a new Direct sales and Accounting System for up a coming business “Especially for you Jewelers”, or EFYJ. I will be assessing Business benefits, explaining the capabilities, and giving examples of three (3) possible scenarios. I will attempt to create a Vision Document, Activity Diagram, and a Use Case Description.


When designing any new system special considerations, guidelines, and specification should be taken into consideration. It is best practice that as many people as possible participate in the project, adding some sort of
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Added methods can be cash, check, electronic, Google wallet, and reward points.
Generate more income by placing items online
This would attract more customers since it would make it convenient for people to do their shopping on line. More and exciting opportunities might arise and make way for possible expansion of the business.


Generate payment notices By the company reaching out to customers and working with them on how to repay the item purchase it generates a professional environment while still maintaining essentials of running a business.
Ranking system to track customers By having a ranking system, the company could keep track of those customers that frequent the most, pay on time, or non-payment making customers.

Organize sale dates with seasons and holidays This would help promote and foster a system that could generate dates and holidays for special sales and savings. It would calculate how much of an item would have to be on hand in order for the company to meet its supply and demand.
Ability to shop online With the added ability and luxury to be able to shop on creates a new source of revenue for the Business. It enables companies, in this case EFUJ, to promote, sale, and reach to a variety of demographics.
Tracks purchase and Syncs accounts payable
This would keep companies books up

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