Designing a Training Company Essay

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Designing a Training Program
Joshua Badat

Professor Swinney

BUS407, Training & Development

March 1, 2014


A training program that is well-designed is proven to achieve maximum results and meet the training needs identified during a training needs analysis. A well-executed training program will increase overall productivity and provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes the employees need to perform successfully. This paper presents considerations for the design of a two-phase training program for existing employees – a two (2) day program, which covers the training needs to move the company in the right direction.
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Over the course of the two (2) day training, we will meet learning points utilizing video technology, behavioral practice techniques, utilizing in- basket games, classroom interaction, lectures, team- building exercises, web-based training, and job aids. The training is designed to give the trainees the KSA’s required to perform in their roles successfully and perform to company standards. Identify two to three (2-3) training needs through a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and justify an approach for this training. When analyzing the performance data from the employee surveys the Human Resources department provided, we found most employees are not happy coming to work on a daily basis. We further reviewed the data from the Workforce Administration team and found there was a major need for attendance incentives to reduce absenteeism. Furthermore, we reviewed the data provided by the root cause analysts and identified through the customer surveys that the customers were not happy with the overall service provided by the employees. Different people have different needs and learn at different speeds. The best approach to try and captivate everyone is giving the big picture in the beginning of the class. After giving the big picture, the trainees will get a play by play, broken down in segments on each piece that is being covered in the training environment. Going
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