Desire To Do Social Work Essay

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My inclination towards the field of social work has been growing for as long as I can remember. In hindsight, it began as a child when I realized that it was strange that I did not know who my father was. I began questioning my mother about my father. After some time and with significant hesitation, she told me that my father had been abusive towards her. My mother re-married when I was ten years old and my personal experiences with physical abuse continued. I was old enough to understand that the abuse my mother was subjected to at the hands of her husband was not right. I knew then that I wanted to understand how this can happen and what causes a woman to feel like she can’t leave such a situation. On a professional level I have also…show more content…
Their ability to persevere even though they have witnessed horrors I cannot imagine deeply affected me. My academic preparation and interest in research have also contributed to my interest in pursuing an MSW. During my undergraduate thesis, I became captivated by the research process and as a result, was quite successful in this course. In an effort to further expand my fascination with research, I also volunteered at the Child Development Institute as a research assistant. I had the opportunity to assist with data entry, data analysis and ensuring youth workers were following the steps of the stop now and plan (SNAP ®) strategy by watching group sessions through a two-way mirror. This experience only intensified my interest in conducting research. M personal experiences, time working with people affected by a diverse range of issues and my interest in research have all deeply influenced my decision to become involved in social work and pursue a MSW with a specialization in mental health and health at the University of Toronto. The main thing I have learned about myself throughout my time working in the helping field is that my passion for working with oppressed populations has grown. Due to the personal situations I have encountered and my volunteer and work experiences, I have witnessed and felt injustices that occur based solely on gender, race, ability, socio-economic status and sexual identity. In Kenya, it
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