Desiree: A Short Story

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Desiree shook her head and smiled, "You didn't scare me, in fact last night was the first night I wasn't afraid to sleep. I just couldn't. I didn't take any of the meds the doctors gave me. They normally knock me out, like a coma almost. I stopped dreaming, or more actually I stopped traveling I guess." Desiree had no idea what to call her ability. But she knew the medicine that doctors made her take stopped them. "I guess I should expect a lot of insomnia in my future." she laughed softly before kissing Razio once more.

"You know I'm beginning to rather enjoy that." she smiled and realized for the first time in her life she felt honestly wanted and sexy. It was a knew feeling for Desiree, but it was one she could learn to enjoy. "I should
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