Desiree's Baby Classism

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In Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby” During a time where racism is practiced inhumanely, interracial relationships proved to be detrimental. Armand, who is mixed decides to marry and have a baby with Desiree who is white but has no known heritage. Armand’s self-hate for belonging to the lowly race is apposed with her unknown heritage. The birth of Desiree’s biracial baby manifests the fears of both Desiree and Armand of being a victim of racism. Desiree’s and Armand’s relationship leads to be fatal for Desiree influenced by a society based on racism and classism. Even though Desiree is white it is her undefined identity as well as her role as a woman that positions her to be affected by both racism and classism. Since Desiree was taken in by the Valmonde` family her identity was defined, they can only assume what her origins are. It is Madame Valmonde` who rests on the idea…show more content…
This shows that Desiree has no ancestral background. Without her marriage to Armand she would be classified poor. When Desiree is accused by Armand of being black she seeks approval from Madame Valmonde` in a way questioning her own belief. The letter writes, “My mother, they tell me I am not white. Armand has told me I am not white. For God’s sake tell them it is not true. You must know it is not true. I shall die. I must die. I cannot be so unhappy, and live.” Desiree’s letter not only indicates her fear of being victimized by the society she lives in. Desiree know she is white, but she also knows that she is helpless towards this accusation. In a highly prejudiced society Desiree knows that even though she is white she has no power, all belongs to her husband
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