Desiree's Baby Means To Me Research Paper

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Name: Uzuazokaro Anthony
Instructor: Dr. Jordan Carson
Course: English 2304
Date: 11/1/2015
What Kate Chopin’s Desiree’s Baby Means To Us
I am very passionate about Kate Chopin’s Desiree’s Baby and I find it very interesting because in this essay Kate Chopin wrote about a subject that was very sensitive during her lifetime and we still find fractions of it in the United States today – racism, as well as the discrimination women suffered as a result of man’s domination over woman. Throughout history our society has viewed women as less important and subordinate to men. Chopin’s story also talked about “love”, although it had nothing to do with love. I will say it is a kind of love that was superficial and influenced by pride and prejudice. And
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Armand Aubigny is a very powerful man and the owner of l’Abri and seen as someone who has everything that life has to offer. His family name was “one of the oldest and proudest in Louisiana”(NA 1606) and so he had no problem being a slave owner. At the beginning of the story we see him as a very passionate man and madly in love “as if struck by a pistol”(NA 1605) but later on we find out that he is cruel, domineering and haughty towards his Negroes. This is the kind of treatment that blacks had to go through in the 1800s. Racism played a major role in this story. If you will recall Armand was very happy and nice to his slaves when the child was born but when he found out that the baby is not white, his mood changed and Desiree’s too.
Today we are made to believe that racism no longer exists in the United States but how true is this? We just witnessed a campaign; #BlackLivesMatter to make known the unjustifiable death of Sarah Bland and that raised a lot of questions as to whether the United States still condone racism or not. Thomas Jefferson said that all men are created equal, and that we all have equal rights; but we are not certain that we really
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