Desmond Doss Decision

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Desmond Doss was the first soldier ever to win the Medal Of Honor which is like the superbowl of military achievement. He accomplished this without firing a single bullet. My essay will be about a decision that Doss made and how it affected him. I will also share a decision I have made which relates to Desmond’s life. I will begin by examining the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Hacksaw Ridge is a movie about, Desmond Doss, an army medic in World War 2. He was was ordered to take Hacksaw Ridge in Japan. Although this Ridge had a reputation of violence, cruelty, inhumanity, and savagery Doss was ready to help the US soldiers if need be. After a couple of days of intense fighting, the US Army had to retreat or suffer greater casualty. Doss made the courageous decision not to retreat, but rather remain on the ridge and try to save as many soldiers as possible. He believed that it was his medical duty to serve the fallen US troops. He accomplished this heroic task without a weapon, backup, and dwindling medical supplies. Doss saved over seventy-five US troops that night.…show more content…
I believe this because I think that many people would just leave the ridge that night and not save the other soldiers. In contrast, Doss was not one of these types of people who flee when it becomes dangerous. However, some people might believe that Doss’s decision to stay on the ridge was crazy; they could not imagine putting oneself in harm's way, but I believe that this opinion is not true. This essay directly relates to a decision which affected by
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