Desmond Mpilo Tutu : The Arch

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Desmond Mpilo Tutu known fondly as the Arch , was born in Klerksdorp on 7 October 1931, and a survivor of prostate cancer. Tutu is a said to be a South Africa Human Rights Activist who came to be very famous in the 1980’s by fighting on legal racial segregation. Racial segregation is the separation of different kinds of humans into racial groups. South Africa was one of the African countries that practiced apartheid; it was practiced where by the ruling power did not provide the rights of citizenship to black people of South Africans. During this times the government who were the white colonizing the South Africans black people had been practicing the system of apartheid. This was a system whereby they had separated races into different classes. All South Africans were legally assigned to an official racial group the whites and the black’s majority; each race was restricted to separate living areas or neighborhoods and separate public facilities like hospitals and schools. The white South Africans were permitted to vote in national elections and the black South Africans were only represented in the local governments of remote areas or regions "tribal homelands." Also interracial marriage was forbidden, and blacks were legally banned from certain jobs and from forming any labor organizations. At this times it was passports were required for travel within the country and the blacks were not allowed public speaking. Despite of the apartheid era that ruled south Africa for

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