Desp Air

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Desperate Air

Managers are constantly faced with ethical dilemmas. The book, Managing Business Ethics: Straight talk how to do it right, defines an ethical dilemma as a situation when two or more “right” values are in conflict (Trevino & Nelson, 2010). A decision can sometimes be legally correct, but it does mean it is always ethically correct. A decision may not always maximize the benefits to society or stakeholders. In the following essay, I will review Dash decision and how the RDCAR approach helps me make a better decision.
The case of Desperate Air Corporation (DAC) is a company going through financial difficulties. In hopes to turn the company around the CEO, Benton Williams, wants to sell a large underdeveloped ocean front
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He walked to the land and saw the hazardous danger signs, however, he did not how long those containers were in the land or who placed them there. I would have assembled a team of external environmental experts to find out how harmful was the contaminated land to people. I would have asked them for their professional opinion about the safety of future occupants. Lastly, I would have inquired about the environmental audit made 6 months ago. The environmental audit did not discover any problems with the property. Also, I would investigate further about the previous landowner and see if DAC could take any legal action.
The third step is cognition. Since Dash did not share his concerns with anyone except for the CEO and lawyer. I would have assembled a team of lawyers, board members and an ethics expert. We would have had a panel discussion and assess our social responsibility to the community. We would also need to assess the possibility of a lawsuit by Fledging when they find out that the land had toxic waste. If this lawsuit goes public, how will this affect the image of the company? Our customers could distrust DAC and may not want to fly with us. This can lead to a faster bankrupt and erase any possibility of a financial turnaround.
After gathering my facts and doing a cost analysis, I would my recommend to Benton Williams to be honest about the conditions of the land to Fledgling. Although, we most likely not deal with this
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