Desperado : The Love Of My Grandma

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Desperado, a song unknowingly loved by my Nana Renfrow, a song she chose to have played at her funeral. Desperado is a single term described by as a desperate or reckless person. Purely coincidence that the song my grandmother had loved is a term describing what I would have given and done to save my grandmother from her fate.

Sue Renfrow wasn't the grandma who baked pies, or cakes. She was not the grandma who sat on her porch swing to drink sweet tea. She did not cook dinner for the whole family on Sunday nights or even for the holidays. She was the type of grandma who took us to the Chinese buffet on Market Street. Type of grandma who would hand your black coffee when you were eleven only for you to make a face of pure
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Soon came the day where a huge argument over a cable bill came way, resulting in cut ties for almost two years. I went two years without seeing my grandma, someone who I once saw every single day. I would drive by her house and want to stop in and say hi, but I was scared that the grudge uncle Tim had against my dad had transferred over to me. A crazy idea as I was about 13 at the time, and had nothing to do with the argument. Still even knowing that, I did not want to see the real outcome of what were to happen if I stopped in.

Those two years came and went until one day dad received a phone call from grandma, she needed us. Uncle Tim and she had an argument about his wife and her children, they were living with her until they had their new house built and something blew up. Without a second glance my uncle and his family packed up everything and left. Grandma did not make her own food, she did not shop for her own groceries, she was purely dependent on her son, and she never had any reason not to be, because he was always there for her. Grandma was alone for the first time in a long long time. All it took was for a phone call from grandma to have dad running over there, leading to the realization that dad did not talk to grandma for two years not by his choice but because grandma had not reached out to him
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