Desperate Times In Jokiah's Have A Little Faith

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“Despite the century, place of birth or age, human beings had always questioned everything that was going on around them” ( Evgeniya Melnikova ). This quote clearly outlines the senses of human nature, it is a part us to question everything as greatly as possible. When does a person question life and the surrounding environment, is a whole different perspective. A person could be happy, amazed, shocked, overwhelmed, angry, sad, or alone. Nobody can alter and change how they might feel at certain times since emotions are a part of us as well. It is all in the matter of what is accomplished during and after those emotional phases we as humans experience that define us. Desperate times lead to desperate measures such as drugs, faith, belief, and…show more content…
The Rabbi was always a believer, even as a young child. He was grateful for all he had, and had made a use of it all. He too experienced a tragedy like Henry’s in his life. He lost his beloved daughter after a severe asthma attack, the first and last of Rinah’s life. The Rabbi said, “‘I cursed God,’ he’d admitted when we’d spoken about it. ‘ I asked Him over and over, ‘Why her? What did this little girl do? She was four years old. She didn't hurt a soul’” (Pg. 180). The Rabbi had lost his strength in faith and belief at the moment of loss. He only doubted for a moment, and gracefully went on to pray and lecture in front of those before him who had lost a loved one as…show more content…
Writing and meeting with The Rabbi and Henry Covington had helped him in understanding and strengthening his belief and placement. He no longer asked the famous questions of ‘why me’, ‘why me’, instead he now articulates, ‘I am honoured’, ‘I am blessed’, ‘I am loved’. It is like stated before, a part of human nature to ask these certain questions, but learning to rewrite and answer them is the true perspective. Everyone can ask these questions and feel a different way, because everyone deals and understand everything differently. Whether it is positively, negatively, or merely neutral, it holds the keys to those asking them. It is in their power and mind to choose the right key, to unlock the chains, and to run free, free of the thought of being tied down to this planet for no reason , just nothing. In the end though, it is merely just a matter of
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