Desperately Seeking Synergy and Competing on Capabilities Reaction Paper

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Desperately Seeking Synergy and Competing on Capabilities Reaction paper I.) I didn’t think that synergy was that much big of a deal until I read this article. I am one of those who assume that synergy exists, can be achieved, and will be beneficial, I didn’t really think about the downsides of synergy. When I read the article, it seems that it would be better if executives give more attention and evaluation to find real synergy opportunities. It’s good that the writer included in his article about the four managerial biases because it’s true that all too often, the managers are the ones being blamed for the failure of a synergy program, when the ones who really are to blame are the corporate executives themselves. These four biases…show more content…
Fourth, is that the CEO is the champion of a capabilities-based strategy. I think that this puts the pressure on the CEO because he will be the one responsible for the direction of his company and the decisions he make can shape the future of the company. To be able to be a good CEO, one must outperform the completion in responding quickly to customer demands and to incorporate new ideas into products, produce a product that unfailingly satisfies customer’s expectations, see the competitive environment clearly, adapt simultaneously to many different business environments, and generate new ideas and to combine existing elements to create new sources of value. It is obvious that the CEO has a very big responsibility. In summary, the article speaks about the new logic of growth today, being a capabilities predator, a company focusing and investing more on its capabilities to satisfy the customer. But a question comes to mind after reading this article, what is the future of capabilities-based competition? If some time ago, the traditional companies were successful and were replaced by the growth of capabilities-based companies, what will happen if most of the companies will become more capabilities-based? Will the growth of these companies be consistent? Or will there be a new kind of competitor that dominates the market in the future? One thing is for
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