Despises Indigo's Adulthood

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“I would never go with these older guys myself. When you’re sixteen and your brother is eighteen, there is a big difference.” (2) Art was lucky when he got to hang out with the older guys. He would only go hang out with the older guys if his brother was around. I feel like that there is a age difference since when Art is sixteen, he is not as mature as his brother yet. This would make them drastically different. I feel like that once they get older, age wouldn’t matter anymore because they are all mature. Art could never hang out with the older guys by himself since they were his brother’s friends, not his. I feel like it would be awkward for him to hang out with the older guys alone since he is a child compared to them. I also feel like it was not smart for Art to hang out with the older kids since there could be peer pressure and make Art do something bad. “Two times I stopped and told him that I noticed that he always had his friends with him.” (7)…show more content…
Art would never had a chance to because Indigo would always have his friends around him and if Art were to start a fight, he would lose because Indigo’s friends would jump in. Art would tell Indigo that he always have his friends around him because he wants Indigo to know that he is nothing without his friends. I feel like that Art wants a fair fight when none of Indigo’s friends is there. I assume that Indigo would have his friends around him at all times because that would make him seem more intimidating. I noticed that plan had worked out because Art would never fight Indigo while he was with his
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