Despite Lower Costs (Or Even Free), External Support Mechanisms,

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Despite lower costs (or even free), external support mechanisms, especially with third parties and/or support forums demonstrate significant shortcomings for Gulfstream enterprise integration. Gulfstream zealously protects its intellectual property. Information security levels risk compromising when interdependency occurs between firms (Cezar, Cavusoglu, & Raghunathan, 2016). This results not only due to increased security threats through the additive exposure, but also because one partner may take a free ride and invest less in the security protection. In addition, many aircraft programs at Gulfstream incorporate specifications, designs, and parts subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Non-domestic entities are…show more content…
Effective team members monitor and back-up each other’s performance and are collectively oriented toward the desired outcome. By carefully considering the IMOI model, leadership intervention, and the five keys to improving team performance, organizations can successfully maximize teamwork for the benefit of the organization and the members of the team. Gulfstream can gain even higher performance from the three groups that are widely spread among various departments. By intelligently analyzing the load balance of support requests and matching to the KSAs of the individual team members, response times can be met for high priority situations. As knowledge capture gains traction, knowledge retention can be keyed for immediate retrieval. The spillover effect will become noticeable, diffusing the knowledge to other teams, departments, and facilities. This will generate higher productivity on both the engineering production side and in the technical support groups. As Ba and Nault showed, the social benefit of increased innovation becomes a positive externality, justifying further interventions (2016). The difficulty that faces Gulfstream is how to provide better support with fewer personnel for more users. Fortunately, the IT landscape provides many analytic solutions that match known solutions to issues being worked by less skilled

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