Despite The Great Accomplishments And Many Changes The

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Despite the great accomplishments and many changes the United States health care payment system has made over the years, it is not a surprise that the system still continues to face serious challenges. Our country offers advanced technology and medicine, but it still has millions of Americans who do not have proper coverage to meet their medical needs or are uninsured and therefore cannot benefit from our advanced system. This raises a serious concern in population health, which makes us questions the country’s current system. The United States has commercial and government insurance options with different premiums and levels of coverage for its citizens. However, our complex system presents many flaws that lead Americans to live…show more content…
Moreover, we see that some providers are focusing on what providers do and how they get reimbursed rather than what the patient needs, which is a focus that does not prioritize quality of care and therefore does not align with the Triple Aim framework. The problem presented regarding this matter is that the health care system lacks a patient-focused care of medical conditions that puts patients and their health needs first. For example, when we think of provider reimbursement, it is not in the patient’s best interest for the system to only have a simple fee-for-service structure. A structure like this one will only lead to an increase of health care expenses. Also, it fails to incentivize high-value service, which also does not align with the Triple Aim framework health care providers should go by. It is very crucial for the health care system in the United Stated to find a better balance between medical groups reimbursement and patients needs in order to reduce the risk of overutilization.
Given the circumstances in which we find the American health care payment system, it is important to consider the potential impact of improved health care coverage on health care access. Costs could be improved by taking a deeper look into how hospital and providers are impacted. For instance, government medical coverage such as Medicaid or Medicare give American access to the health care system that they could not have otherwise. Coverage is decent in most cases and
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