Despite The Tremendous Economic Success In Texas And Its

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Despite the tremendous economic success in Texas and its overall well-being, the state continues to face its nonstandard set of challenges that must be addressed immediately. Certainly, the most pressing issue is a deteriorating transportation infrastructure, which requires innovation, long-range planning and, of course, investment (Button & Reggiani, 2011). The following study focuses on the deteriorating transportation infrastructure as a major issue facing the state of Texas. The report will also discuss the positions of two major Texas political parties (Republican and Democratic) on the issue. It further explains the ways of their addressing it. Next, it will discuss the overall goals, the position, the level of lobbying and the…show more content…
Therefore, the changing characteristics and the growth of the Texas population are the major causes of the transportation problem (Gravel, 2016).
While it was not a major issue in the just concluded campaigns, the future of Texas ' infrastructure did receive attention in the two major Texas political parties (Republican and Democratic). However, the political parties reveal differing positions and philosophies on ways of tackling the issue. To be specific, the Democrats believe that infrastructure is important to the future economic prosperity (LePatner, 2010). Further, the party argues that broadband networks, schools, water systems, and energy are some of the infrastructures that are readily ripe for investment. As such, the party hopes that investments in such fields may help address other related issues such as unemployment too. Sadly, the Democratic Party does not mention how additional funding would be injected in infrastructure. Instead, the members weigh in on some tools that may be vital in helping Texas to fund infrastructure projects (Schiller, Bruun, & Kenworthy, 2010). The party promises to continue encouraging investments in infrastructure by state and local governments by creating a lasting edition of the Build America Bonds program. Conversely, the Republicans appear unfavorably on using government funds for sidewalks,
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