Dessert Buffet Marketing Plan

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ICBM 503
Marketing Management

Topic: My Sweeties (Dessert Buffet Restaurant)

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Dr.Dissatat Prasertsakul

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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Situation Analysis 4
2.1. Market Demographic 4
2.2. Market Demands 5
2.3. Product Life Cycle 6
2.4. SWOT Analysis 9
2.5. Competition and Buying Patterns 10
2.6. Product offering 13
2.7. Keys to success 15
2.8. Critical Issues 15 3. Marketing Strategy 16
3.1. Mission Statement 16
3.2. Vision 16
3.3. Slogan 16
3.4. Target Market 16
3.5. Product Positioning
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Competitor is one thing to make the business profit decreases. In additional our expected maximum net profit would be almost 900,000 per month. We plan to start our operation in 2012 which would mainly be about construction. The business will begin in 2013. After doing financial analysis and payback calculation, we expect to make profit in the second year of operation. The quantity to break-even point is almost 35,000 people which average price is 210 baht. We also to calculate for fixed asset, rental expense, operating expenses and raw-material cost. We therefore, reach a number of started expenses as almost 9,000,000 baht. My sweeties might need some debt financing in the beginning to start up business. Our business required several positions in order to run the restaurants smoothly, the organizational chart will show all requested workers in this shop. Each position is meaningful and every effort will contribute to the success of the company. As this is a market plan for the new business area in dessert industry, we think that this is a good opportunity for many people who love service business as well as enjoy dessert. This project is feasible and will definitely generate profit and experiences to entrepreneurs. However, deep and detailed analyses are required in further processes. We hope that this report will

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