Destination Cambodi Siem Reap

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Destination Cambodia: Siem Reap
Cambodia is now the new “it” destination as travelers are drawn to its overflowing bucket list of must see and do experiences. Cambodia has the allure of a less trampled experience filled with friendly people, a rich and vibrant Khmer culture, and a plethora of luxurious accommodations. The icon of Cambodia is Angkor Wat in the northern area of Siem Reap. This world wonder and UNESCO World heritage has drawn travelers there for decades.
Siem Reap was once the capital of Cambodia and whose Khmer dynasty ruled Southeast Asia. It was a dynasty that has left indications of its vast power through way of temples and man-made marvels from a thousand years ago. Fast forward a millennium and Siem Reap is the tourism capital of Cambodia with many ways to appreciate the world treasure of Khmer people.
There’s a lot of other things to do in town as well from exploring the markets, the Tone Le Lake, and for a night on the town, Pub Street. There is also the Old market, the cafes and bars of the vibrant tourist trail and only footsteps from the tranquility of the nearby riverfront. Nearby attractions include the Kings Palace and Royal Gardens.
What to do
Aghor Wat
Angkor Wat is the crown jewel of Cambodian heritage. It is a really big deal and as remarkable as the Pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, Great Wall or the Statue of Liberty. People flock there en mass to see this thousand year old manmade marvel. It was constructed by Cambodia…
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