Destination Cambodi Siem Reap

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Destination Cambodia: Siem Reap
Cambodia is now the new “it” destination as travelers are drawn to its overflowing bucket list of must see and do experiences. Cambodia has the allure of a less trampled experience filled with friendly people, a rich and vibrant Khmer culture, and a plethora of luxurious accommodations. The icon of Cambodia is Angkor Wat in the northern area of Siem Reap. This world wonder and UNESCO World heritage has drawn travelers there for decades.
Siem Reap was once the capital of Cambodia and whose Khmer dynasty ruled Southeast Asia. It was a dynasty that has left indications of its vast power through way of temples and man-made marvels from a thousand years ago. Fast forward a millennium and Siem Reap is the
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The Baynon temple or monkey temple is known for its green monkeys that are plentiful though out the area.
Bike Tour
There are many ways to experience all that this wonderful destination has to offer. A wonderful way to explore and get in a little cardio is to explore the temples with pedal power on a tour by Grasshopper bike tours. The tour starts out with an pre-dawn pick up at the hotel and then takes puffy eyed tourist to watch the sunrise over Angkor wat. Its an amazing experience to watch the sun rise as a backdrop to this marvelous landmark. From there the experienced guide takes a small group of no more than six riders to explore the known and lesser known temples narrating with insights and knowledge along the way. After a tasty hot breakfast the tour heads off on streets and trails to see the temples away from the maddening crowds. It a wonderful day and great way to see the major temples as well as some of the lesser known sites. The pace is excellent with frequent breaks and as the area is relatively flat so it is never to exhausting. The tour also included a wonderful Khmer lunch as well. Grasshopper offers a number of different tours throughout Siem Reap and other destinations in South East t Asia.
Siem Reap is known for more than their amazing temples. It’s also has many interesting markets selling everything from t shirts to some decent art works and replicas. There’s also the Artisans d’Anghor which
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