Destination Management Companies ( Dmc ) Essay

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GDS), which is causing disintermediation in travel agencies. The GDS provides information on prices, availability, and customer information, distributes ticketing and invoices, and supports global transactions and bookings (Chakravarthi & Gopal, 2012). Destination Management Companies (DMC) is another supplier that offers new products, and provides subject expert (SME) knowledge of multiple destinations efficiently. Destination Management Companies specialize in design and implement tours, activities, events, and transportation (Spasic et al., 2014). They create and organize programs for business and leisure clients. Destination Management Companies has advantages over many suppliers: (Spasic et al, 2014): • One contact and payment for several services from different providers at the destination; • ¬Knowledge, experience and on-going relationships with the nest local venues, restaurants, transportation and other providers and possibility to obtain the best quality, service, prices etc.; • ¬Creative ideas for planning different events; ¬ • Value-added services such as program design, logistics and supplier management, accounting etc. Information Technology Adoption Past researchers have conducted studies on information technology adoption in the travel industry and found out that travel executives or managers do not have the proper guidance to allocate resources and improve customer service (Buhalis, 1998; Doolin, Burgess, & Cooper, 2002; Ma, Buhalis,

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