Destiny And Fate In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the beginning of “Romeo and Juliet”, Shakespeare states them as star crossed lovers and locks them into the fate of death. Star crossed lovers indicate fate and destiny and the whole conclusion of Romeo and Juliet is based on fate and destiny and that everything that happened was bound to happen. Throughout the storyline many event took place because it was written, it was going to happen, it was simply destiny. The whole story of the two lovers could’ve been massively different of what it is now, if just destiny had chosen them to be together. Destiny and fate play a major role in this story because the final tragedy and the destruction of the protagonists were based upon it.

There are many examples of fate and destiny throughout this story. One example of fate is that Romeo and Juliet were meant to
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Paris is shown as an antagonist since he is coming between the sensational Romeo and Juliet. Paris is not an antagonist he truly loves Juliet, but she was never meant to be his and it was his fate to not get Juliet. Paris just couldn’t have had Juliet because it was his fate and many reasons are put towards it. Everyone thinks that Paris didn’t get married to Juliet because she loves Romeo and if it wasn’t for Romeo, Paris would’ve had Juliet. However, it’s Pariss fate to not have Juliet and she wasn’t ready to marry him even before she saw Romeo. Paris could be the best person he can and he can be the best person for Juliet, but it’s just his fate. Even Juliet's parents thought that Paris was the best man for her and Paris is also a decent man, even though he isn’t with Juliet. Even after Romeo killed Tybalt Juliet still stuck up with him, however Paris never gave her anything but love and she still never even bothered giving him a single chance or a pec of
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