Destiny, Fate and Free Will in Homer's Odyssey - Test for Destiny

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The Odyssey:  The Test for Destiny

Throughout The Odyssey man is continually being tested to determine his destiny. He is tested for loyalty, determination, and valor. Odysseus along with many other characters have to conquer these values to determine their destiny. For example Odysseus is tested for loyalty to Penelope while out at sea. Then tested for his determination to get home. At times he was doubtful, but he never gave up. And lastly he was tested for his valor. He fought many battles to get home. And in the end it all turned out how he wanted it because he has passed all of his tests for his destiny. His destiny was determined by him, he truly wanted to get home, and indeed he did.

    Loyalty is a very
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He needs to know who will be with the suitors and who will live to serve him and his wife. Only one maid was trustworthy, "Yet mark the words I say! Many a way-worn stranger has come hither; but one so like Odysseus I declare I never saw, as you are like him, form, and voice and feet"(190). Eurycleia is the only maid that Odysseus can trust for her loyalty to him. She recognizes him, even in his way worn, old man costume. All the rest if the maids had been unfaithful to Odysseus because they told the suitors that Penelope was undoing the robe each night so that she did not have to marry a suitor. Eurycleia is a very old woman and can easily be trusted by Odysseus, she took care of Odysseus since he was born, and she had no problem seeing that it was indeed Odysseus in that costume of the old man.

    Although there is no doubt that Penelope has been faithful to Odysseus while he was gone, he can never be too sure. So he tells a tearful story to Penelope of her beloved husband, "So as she listened, drops ran down; she melted into tears"(187). Odysseus knows now that Penelope has an undying love for Odysseus. At this point Odysseus wants to tell Penelope so badly that the man she longs for is sitting right in front of her, but he knows that the longer he hold out on not telling her the greater the victory is going to be.

    Determination takes integrity, persistence and ever lasting hope. Odysseus was tested for his determination to get
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