Destroying Avalon Comprehension Answers Essay

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1) Avalon receives messages from a sender named “friend” this is ironic because the sender is abusing and insulting her online. So gives a very unusual meaning to the name. 2) A blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. 3) Avalon is overwhelmed by the content of the email from “A Friend” this means that Avalon is very emotional 4) The A-Bomb is relevant to this chapter as her life is about to change as she moves town and school. This means that her life is meant to be just like A which can mean very well. 5) Avalon’s parents have positive attitudes and strong values towards education as their both teachers. 6)…show more content…
33) Avalon learnt that if she put her mind to something she could complete anything. 34) …. 35. The song ‘Scar’ relates to the events, which had taken place for Avalon 36. Marshall believes Avalon can pull through the bullying which he has faced, but believes he may not be able to take much bullying as he was being beaten up. 37. In the Chapter the ‘Liverpool kiss’ the gender stereotypes are challenged as Tamara knocks Brett’s lights out, it shows that she is a strong, brave person, not afraid of any strong guy. 38. Avalon doesn’t confide in Ms McKenzie’s because she believed it may worsen the situation and would have broken Marshall’s trust. 39. Avalon told her parents everything as she had lost control over her emotions and let everything pour out, she thought that it would be the right time to tell them. 40. A. The words made her parents pump and rush to her aid B. Moved a lot using the dogs head as a metaphor to explain the constant nodding C. Half open/Half closed but cannot be altered D. Went berserk, crazy or mad bounding everywhere E. Knocked him out 41. In chapter ‘the eye of destruction’, I believe Marshall is inside, huddled in his room afraid of the bullies returning, afraid to leave his room 42. Marshal’s death is unexpected I was very confused. I thought no such thing would happen as he was very strong for Avalon. 43. In the chapter ‘the

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