Destroying Avalon Comprehension Questions

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PROCESS WORK: Demonstrate your understanding of the novel by answering the following questions in your journal. Where possible support your ideas with references from the text. Include page numbers for future use.

1. How is the use of the pseudonym ‘Afriend’ ironic?
2. What is a blog page?
3. Avalon is overwhelmed by the content of the email from A Friend, what does this suggest about her character?
4. How is the chapter title ‘The A-Bomb’ significant to events that take place? 5. What attitudes and values do Avalon’s parents have regarding education and family life?
6. Avalon is anxious about starting at Westerly High School do you think she has cause for concern? How are new students
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44. Examine the use of repetition as the news of Marshall’s death starts to sink in to Avalon. What does it indicate about how Avalon is feeling?
How does it make you feel?
45. In the chapter ‘Broken Down’ there is a blurred line between dream and reality as Avalon deals with her shock and grief at her friend’s death. What techniques have been employed to achieve this surreal feeling? 46. Avalon pictures Marshall
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