Destroying Avalon & Mean Girls Essay

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Destroying Avalon and Mean Girls Comparative Essay What is worse, cyber bullying or face-to-face bullying? Argue in relation to both Destroying Avalon and Mean Girls, referring to specific events throughout both texts. Cyber bullying and face-to-face bullying are to major concerns in today’s society, the movie Mean Girls and the novel Destroying Avalon have themes about bullying in them. The texts show us how more people can be affected by certain types of bullying as well as how it can change behaviour and how bullying can build up to physical violence. More people are affected with face-to face bullying. This is shown in Mean Girls in a scene after the Burn Book has been seen by the school. All the female students are required…show more content…
Avalon had the same problem with her parents, “’(…) She’s not been herself,’ Dad said and sipped his coffee. ‘I think something’s going on. She’s so short tempered, she’s avoiding all of us, she’s spending hours on the computer, and she’s constantly checking her mobile phone It’s not normal.’” (p. 102). In both cases, a bully and a victim, the bullying changed their behaviour and consequently their home lives, worrying their parents. Ultimately in this novel and film, face-to-face bullying was worse, because it also included physical violence. Since Cady was from Africa she was comparing everything to African wildlife, “It was full-tilt jungle madness. And it wasn’t going away.” (Mean Girls, 2004) It was madness as described, and a lot of people were getting hurt because the person who they thought was behind the rumour was standing right in front of them, face-to-face and they wanted to hurt that person as much as they themselves were hurt Destroying Avalon did not have a focus on physical bullying but when it did it had a huge impact, “I don’t know who punched me first. But it was a king hit. (…) They used me like a punching bag.” (pp. 228-229). This was not even the first time Marshall had been physically abused”(...) before he punched me. My head hit the tiled wall & Brett & Tyson kicked me in the guts. I puked and was almost unconscious with pain (...)” (p. 219). After the first incident mentioned,

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