Destroying Our Homes. The Lifestyles Around Us Are Constantly

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Destroying Our Homes The lifestyles around us are constantly getting destroyed thanks to us humans. According to National Geographic, in the article “Global Warming Fast Facts” states that “2500 scientists have concluded that humans have caused all or most of the warming(par.1).” This was suggested because of the types of jobs that deal with working within the environment, such as industrialization which release harmful gases into the air and deforestation which destroy trees. The main argument was that these jobs need to be limited and lessen the use of harmful gases or else the ecosystems not just in the Arctic but in the entire world can be ruined. In the article “Arctic Climate Change” written by the Greenfacts Scientific Board…show more content…
Even though humans may not be the only cause of global warming, they still contribute to it and they don 't seem to realize that it is ruining their homes. With the rising temperatures, homes of animals and humans are getting ruined. This is said because the sea levels are rising due to the ice melting and the gases that are being released are killing the trees and plants that are used as food and oxygen. The gases can also make everyone sick, not helping in the depopulation of the area since people are already moving out of the area. Just like every cause has an effect, everything that contributes to global warming has bad outcomes too. With the help of global warming, the ice is melting as well as the snow in the Arctic. With temperatures rising, approximately 1.4-5.8 degrees celsius, things are heating up causing everything to melt which results in the rising sea levels. The unfairness comes from the people living there having to deal with these everyday problems, which results in these people leaving the area. As mentioned before, the food is getting ruined due to the chemicals and gases that are invading the food on farms or that are planted. As humans, we know how hard it is just to wake up and live day to day, but it does not help with global warming harming the world we live in and before we know it, it will be too late and the homes and ecosystems will be destroyed. Even though both articles, Greenfacts and National Geographic, talk and
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