Destroying The Culture : Music Is A Form Of Expression

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Destroying the Culture
Music is a form of expression with numerous amounts of genres, each conveying different messages, emotions, and ideas. Rap is a music genre formed in the 1970s that depicts the life and struggles of being a minority, specifically African American, in the United States. This art form uses story-telling and rhyming techniques over highly rhythmic beats to express shared experience of the black community the majority could not relate to or understand. Created by DJs playing at block parties in South Bronx, New York, rap is a “common feature of community and popular cultural dialogues that always offers more than one cultural, social, political viewpoint” (Rose, 2). Black voices of urban America were finally able to partake in conversations they were left out of.
At first, rap was disregarded by music industries until artists such as Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five and The Sugar hill Gang released songs like “the Message” and Rapper’s Delight”. Different from Sugar hill Gangs upbeat, fun record, “Rapper’s Delight”, Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five’s catchy “The Message” describes the life they experienced as they compares it to a jungle filled with drugs and poverty. Throughout the song, they wonder how they are able to endure the issues and remain sane. These songs served as templates and influenced many artists in that era and some current ones today. As hip hop and rap continued to gain popularity and become accepted, new artists began to emerge…

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