Destroying The Earth Is Destroying Earth

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The big question for all of us to answer is “Why is deforestation still happening each and every day if is destroying the Earth?”. Deforestation tends to only benefit humankind, and seems to forget about the negative consequences to the environment. Instead of thinking about the future and how our actions have consequences, humans seem to only be thinking about their pocketbooks. For example, farming is one of the main reasons for deforestation. Three hundred million farmers use the slash and burn method for agriculture. Farming clears forests using the slash and burn method, which in turn provides a clear plot of land to grow crops for humans. Although it is good to provide food, the slash and burn method is very dangerous (Deforestation Facts and Statistics). The slash and burn method cuts down and burns off trees before the new seeds are sown to clear land to farm. In theory, the slash and burn method is supposed to give communities food and income. However, the negative results include erosion, decreased biodiversity, and nutrient loss. Arguably, the most significant adverse outcome involves the huge net increase in global carbon emissions that results from the slash and burn method. One solution to the slash and burn process involves chopping down selected trees that look weaker and saving the strong trees to produce offspring, which should assist with stabilizing the environment (Sitler, Ryan). Logging is another main cause of deforestation. Logging is
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