Destroying the Rain Forests: Human effects on Natures Essay

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Destroying the Rain Forests: Human effects on Natures

The rain forests are one of the most unique places on the planet earth. They are home to several thousand species of animals that live no where else in the world1. They are also one of the primary sources of oxygegn of the world. One cannot even begin to describe the sheer beauty of the rain forests. However, the interaction of man with these marvels of nature has had a negative effect. Through agriculture, societal development and the search for raw materials mankind is destroying these marvels of nature. The rain forests are a display of the negative effects of humans on nature.

One of the biggest destroyers of the rainforest is farming. Farmers in areas inhabited by the
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They are being converted from forest into villages, towns and cities. These areas are basically irrecoverable and will probably never be capable of being turned back into rain forests6. These cities also lead to more destruction of the rain forests.

With the population growing and more and more cities developing, people are using up natural resources at an astounding rate. In order to combat this humans are forced to find new sources for these resources. Humans have hardly explored the rain forests because they have not been really open to human exposure7. This gives them reason to believe that they can find natural resources there so they are searching them and destroying the ecosystems there at the same time. The search for resources along with the destruction of the rain forests for agriculture and for living space is having negative effects on the rain forest and the environment.

Humans are having a negative effect on the environment by destroying the rainforests. By destroying the rainforests, they are destroying the source of over sixty percent of the earth's precious oxygen8. This may surprise some people because we are still breathing but if the destruction continues we will be breathing in a lot less oxygen and a lot more impurities like excess carbon dioxide and other pollutants9.

The rainforest do not only produce oxygen but they also reduce global warming10. When humans breathe, they exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the
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