Destruction Of The Titans Research Paper

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The Destruction Of The Titans

Long ago there were gods and it was heard that the gods lived in a place called mount olympus it was put in the blue sky with a bunch of golden clouds floating around mount olympus was filled with beautiful grass and water flowing.

Unfortunately where there is good their is also evil that wants to destroy the good and in this story the evil is the titans.The titans were the sworn enemies of the the gods.They lived under ground where there was a lot of dirt.

So ever since the titans have existed they have tried over and over to destroy the gods but two things also stopped them.The first thing was that they could not reach Mount Olympus and second thing was that the gods were too powerful.

One day a witch who also hated
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The second potion could take the powers away from the gods to make them humans. The third potion would cure the effects of the 3rd potion.

So the titans had everything prepared and they were ready to attack and when no one was looking one titan that was having regrets and was re-thinking what he has been doing his whole life and he took the cure for the potion that make the gods into humans.

So then he put the cure in his pocket and he said to himself “ I can’t be caught with this potion or I will be killed”.Then he joined the other titan and they invaded Mount Olympus. As soon as they got to Mount Olympus the leader titan named john the destroyer pulled out the potion and turned took the power away from the gods so know they were all human.

Now that the gods turned into humans the titans were easily beating them up and they took their time so that they could enjoy it, but as John the destroyer was about to strike down zeus the titan that was having regrets swooped in a blocked with his shield.This made John the destroyer very angry. As the titan was blocking john with his shield he gave Zeus the cure and potions effect stopped and Zeus turned back into a
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