Destructive Cult

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The world of cults is a misunderstood, yet dangerous to those captured by the community they bring, and sometimes to their biological family. Cults are often seen as small, close-knit groups of mentally weak, crazy people, led by a power hungry source of insanity. While most of this may be true, the idea that only the weak enter into cults is a fabrication to make people feel good about themselves, seeing themselves as above the absurd ravings of a madman. Cults are never this simple, whether it be the seemingly benign nature of Scientology, the paragons of “virtue” that many cult leaders, sometimes successfully, try to mold themselves into, or just the satirical views of the harmless Church of the Subgenius. What kind of people are most susceptible to the calling…show more content…
While this definition does cast a wide net as to what can be identified as a cult, this definition can be refined with the classifier destructive cult, or cults whose goal is self serving or is [add something] and will try to psychologically control its own members. This control or indoctrination can be obtained in many ways but always has the goal of overriding one’s identity with a new one. A way to differentiate a cult from a benign group with a leader, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, a church or [something] is that the later groups are outwardly focused and altruistic, while a cult is focused inwardly, to control its members, and is self serving. Leaders of cults are also authoritarian with their control, dictating the actions and even thoughts of their followers. Some of the warning signs for a cult include “The group displays… leaving) the group”[maybe add some more to add length] (Langone, 2015). Cults have various methods of securing new recruits and keeping older members around. Many of the techniques employed by cults can be considered
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