Detached from Hurricane Ike

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The world’s attention was focused on the devastating events of Hurricane Ike and the turmoil left in its wake. 300 miles north of the storm’s epicentre, a little girl of 7 years appeared fascinated by the commotion surrounding her. She pressed her face up against the window of her father’s car, gazing out with intensity. All the neighbourhood shops had transformed into amateur forts overnight with sandbags blocking the doors, windows boarded, and ugly signs saying “Closed for Ike”. The sky was purple, the dark clouds churned with discontent.
She frowned in annoyance, her favourite restaurant barricaded and abandoned. The Pizza Palace only mirrored the rest of Houston but the girl started to feel afraid. She pulled back from the window and subconsciously started to chew the ends of her long blonde hair whilst her expression changed in thought. Her teachers, who often claimed she was quiet and maybe too thoughtful, would have easily recognised the look.
All that was on the radio was news about the coming storm. The weatherman sounded scared. “The sudden change in Hurricane Ike’s direction has caught everyone off guard and the storm is heading directly towards Houston, all residents are advised to take shelter as there is no time for evacuation. Ike is gaining strength from the Gulf and is predicted to hit Houston as a category 3 hurricane.” The girl’s father was quickly tried to reassure her but she could tell he was nervous as the car sped up. A few minutes later the car

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