Detail How Leiser Questions the Moral Condemnation of Homosexual Behavior

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Unnatural – More Than One Meaning? There are those words that have more than one way to be spelled, have more than one definition, and have more than one meaning. The word “second” can mean something that is right after the first, or it can be a unit of telling time. The word “unnatural” is a similar word. It has different meanings, but the meanings are also related. Burton Leiser questions the way “unnatural” is used when he hears people say that homosexual intercourse is unnatural. Views on homosexuality were based on Christianity, which views homosexuality as unnatural, a violation of natural law, immoral, and condemnable. When we use the word “natural”, we have to deal with how ambiguous it is. In nature, it can either mean one of…show more content…
I have been told that I look like a duck or an ostrich when I run, but that doesn’t give a reason for me to be condemned. Some uncommon or abnormal traits can be praised because they are so unique. Some people are good at cooking and some people aren’t good at cooking, which benefits a lot of people because people can enjoy good food without having to deal with their lack of cooking skills. I definitely would not condemn a person who knows how to make a good steak, or even a good wine. If unnatural is used in this sense, then homosexuality can’t be condemned. The fourth argument on if homosexuality is unnatural is based on how any use of an organ or an instrument that is different from its main use can be seen as unnatural. Every organ in the body and every tool or instrument is designed to do a certain task. Sometimes, if a tool is used in a certain way, that is different to its original use, it can be improper, and even harmful. Keys are used to unlock doors, unlock padlocks, and start cars, but some people use keys to cut through plastic containers. Keys are not designed for cutting, and if a person is not careful, that person can cut or stab him or herself in the process. People know that the main purpose for sex organs is to reproduce and to create more of their own kind. No other organs in the body have the ability to reproduce. Any other use of the sex organs, such as homosexual behavior, and even masturbation, can be seen as unnatural.

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