Detailed Account of an Interpersonal Encounter

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24-Hour Interpersonal Interactions / Encounters Part One The morning of September 8 was a very warm and muggy day in south Texas. As always, I slept in later than I usually do during the school year. I had an afternoon job at the local Dairy Queen (DQ), but I didn't have to be there until early afternoon so I didn't get up until nearly nine that morning. I always check my text messages and my emails before I shower and get dressed. On this morning there was a text from my buddy Nick to meet me for coffee at a nearby restaurant. This is unusual because I rarely sit down for coffee with a friend I usually have coffee at home and maybe meet a friend after work or school for a beer or two at a local sports bar. I answered the text and told Nick I'd meet him at 10 that morning. The weather forecast online showed possible thundershowers later in the afternoon so I wondered if we would have a chance to play some four-on-four basketball after I finished work. One of my favorite workouts is not in a gym or health club where people are dressed up in their expensive workout clothes and putting on their little shows. I just like to get a group of guys together for some basketball at the city's recreation facilities. After my shower and getting dressed, instead of making a cup of coffee for myself I left my apartment and walked around the corner to the little breakfast spot where Jim and I were to meet. I got there at quarter to ten so I could get a bite to eat before Jim showed
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