Detailed Design Process and Design Specifications for Kudler Fine Foods

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Detailed Design Process and Design Specifications There are many considerations that Kudler Fine Foods at La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas must make in order to incorporate a Frequent Shopper Program at all of the locations. The areas of concern will be in decisions of software design, hardware and network(s), and human computer interfaces. The Frequent Shopper Program requires a simple process to make an easy transition to the program. Too intricate of process will cause a hardship to this new program. Consideration must be given that the human computer interface to be of a simplified (easy) design. In this way the customer and the clerk will have an easier process which will make for a better buying experience. Each register will be modified with side bar interface and card reader to read the Frequent Shopper's name and points accumulated. The points accumulated will show up on the tape register. The Frequent Shopper can go online to verify their accumulated points and/or redeem their points for prizes. The Frequent Shopper can also have their card scanned at the register. The register side bar interface, containing a four and a half inch screen, will allow the Frequent Shopper to see the accumulated points and level of prizes available at that time. The tape register reinforces the points accumulated. The visual imagery of the screen and tape help to reinforce the program. The complete success requires an easy interface for the participants to use, availability to

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