Detailed Lesson Plan

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Catherine U. Toledo
Detailed Lesson Plan I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the first year section one students should be able to: * Recognize key word that indicates certain mathematical operations. * Translate verbal statement into equations. * Identify the basic steps in solving word problem. * Solve age problems in at least 5 minutes. * Show the process in solving the Age problems. * Demonstrate honesty through solving and checking Age problems.

II. Subject Matter: Age Problems (Elementary Algebra) III. Reference : Textbook
Aufmann, R.N, Barker, V.C. and Lockwood, J.S. Beginning Algebra with Applications.1898.pages 92-97.
Barnett, R. Schaum’s Outline Series Theory and Problems of Elementary
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Understand?Leaders of the group please come here and pick a problem.As a group, you need to create a COLOR GROUP NAME and assign NUMBER to each member of the groupEach group has 5 minutes to discussed and solve the answers among your group mates and I will pick a Group names with respective numbers to present on the board the answer of the whole group.(After 5 minutes)Group Blue - 3Very Good! Group BlueDoes anyone understand?Let’s proceed to Group Red -1Excellent! Did you understand?How about Group Green – 4That’s Great! AmazingDid you understand?Okay Let’s proceed to group Yellow-5Very Good! ExplanationAgain did you understand?And our last group Black – 2Very Good! Did you understand?Great! G. Generalization/ ValuingWhat are the steps in solving word problem?Yes, Sally!Why is it important to translate mathematical statements correctly through word problem?Yes Carl! Very Good! Yes Lucy! Great!How can our knowledge in translating mathematical expressions into equations be helpful in our day-to-day activities?Yes Andrew! Excellent | In the name of the father. . . Amen.Good morning miss!Everybody is present missOur previous lesson
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