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Detailed Outline Introduction • My thesis statement. • My intro will cover where I got the idea for this research. • Key Ideas leading to Gaps/Motivation • The holes I found. • Why I wanted to stay away from PTSD research • What I learned from the lit review • background • more background…. • Why my research matters Method Participants • Fourty traditional college students (18-22-year-olds) attending the University of Arkansas will be used as participants • Twenty females and twenty males • The Participants will be split up into two groups. • Group one is our Control group and they consist of 20 (10 male and 10 female) individuals who have not experienced what we define as a traumatic event for this study. • Group two is our…show more content…
ERS is a measure I made up that is a multiple choice questionnaire. • Participants will view 20 different photos ranging in different levels. • Participants will view these photos on a computer in a power point slide show setting. • We will also use a debriefing form. Procedures • After our participants have been selected they will be greeted and will receive an informed consent form explaining the nature of the study and how they were selected. • We will be using a repeated measurers research design. • The two groups (experimental and control) will complete the picture viewing task after signing the consent form. • While viewing each photo, the participants will have to write one word that describes the photo. • The use of the one descriptor word is to ensure that the participant takes the time to look at the photo. • After they have written the word, they will be instructed to push the space bar that will progress them to the next photo. • Then participants will fill out a multiple-choice questionnaire on the computer assessing their mood and emotional state which will give them an Emotional Rating Score or ERS. • If a participant has a ERS above a 65 they will not be permitted to continue. • The participants who have an acceptable ERS will go on to the second phase of the experiment. • After completing a stress test, the participants will complete the first phase again with different but with similar emotionally rated photos.

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