Details Regarding No Of Hours Worked Per Day / Week Essay

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Details regarding no. of hours worked per day/week. Our internship was for a period of 4 months or if we can say for 16 weeks, and the end result was to give them advices through analysis where they can increase sales and what a retailer and a customer want from the company in Kanpur . Thus initially a day or two I visited the each distributer office in Kanpur and was there from morning 10:00 to evening 6:00 which was basically discussing the framework of the work which as to put forward by me in the 4 months period. But hence after the framework was prepared by me with the help of my company guide there was no such time routine. This can be said because I did not have a job which needed me to be in the office from predetermined hours but the work required me to be in the field for how many hours I wanted to me .I the field I needed to get the work done in the four month itself .Hence it was totally up to me with respect to the hours I needed to spend in doing my work .There were days when I ended up going at around 9 am and ended up coming at night 10 pm, but this was mainly done when I had to visit Retailers shops which were far off but otherwise most often than not I ended up going to the field by 10:00 or 11:00 am and returned home by 6:00 pm. This was the normal timing because generally the shops opened around 10:00am so I kind off reached at that time only and then I preferred coming back by 6:00pm because as it is the evening time ,the owner or managers did business

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