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Riordan Manufacturing Security

Team “C” was hired by Riordan Manufacturing management to overhaul the security features currently employed by the company. Management outlined a comprehensive plan that included a complete hardware refresh, security best practices and end user training. Team “C” will devote resources to assess the physical and network security issues and concerns at each Riordan plant. Once those have been identified, Team “C” will identify the data security issues and concerns present at each Riordan plant. Finally, Team “C” will address web security issues and concerns present at each Riordan plant and recommend a way forward for the company.
Riordan Manufacturing Background
Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics
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* Lack of Redundancy - The networks currently only have one path out. For instance, if the gateway/switch at the Hangzhou, China plant goes down, the various departments running off that switch will be isolated from the rest of the network. * Communication Barrier - Communication between the three US bases sites with the Hangzhou site could pose some challenges. Ensure the physical security policies employed in the United States are also allowed in China. * Facility Security - There was not much mention of the physical security aspects that are employed at each site. Recommend doing a comprehensive review of the physical security of each complex and recommend security features to each distinct location. Highly recommend the corporate office shift to a common access card (CAC) entry to the facility. * Backups – Did not see a backup plan. Ensure backups are conducted daily and the off-site copies are maintained.
Network Security Concerns
The Network security aspects of our review are aligned with most of what was identified with the physical concerns. There are additionally items that identified that need to be addressed: * Language. The three US site networks will have to be able to receive data through the Chinese network (Compatibility issue). Ensure that the US based networks are able to receive and process Chinese code/language. * Security Policy – Ensure that the
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