Detecting The Properties Of The Planets

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These techniques that the astronomers used in detecting the properties of the planets is more likely in detecting the properties of the exoplanet and other far object in the solar system like the Pluto. Even if it is so far away, Astronomers were able to see exoplanet by observing the host star with various method they used like transit method, the one method they used to find the trappist-1. Observing distant star requires the use of the space telescope like the Kepler telescope and spitzer telescope and it is study by the use of electromagnetic radiation emit by the star and the planet. (spectroscopy) To be able to know the properties of the exoplanet, astronomers first determine the properties of the host star of the exoplanet such as…show more content…
If you know the planets orbital speed and orbital period, we can work out the orbital radius. The mass of the planet can also determine by the wobble method. As the planet orbit the sun, gravitational pull of the planet makes the star wobble, changing the sun velocity. This change of velocity can be detected by astronomical spectroscopy using redshift and blueshift. When the star wobble closer to us, the star emits higher frequencies, longer wavelength, and showing bluer colour when detecting to a spectroscope. When the star wobble away to us, the star emits lower frequencies, shorter wavelength, and showing reddish colour in the spectroscope. How the planet change the velocity of the sun determine the planet mass as gravitational pull of the planet depends on the mass of the planet. This transit can also give the astronomer the estimated linear diameter of the planet. When you know the star size, you can work out the size ratio of the planet and the star when the planet transit the star. As I mentioned before, knowing the linear diameter of the planet gives the astronomers the volume of the planet and volume of the planet and its mass determine the density of the planets. Knowing the properties of the planets, the astronomers can tell the conditions of the planets like their atmosphere, and surface environments especially to the exoplanets because this is the only way,
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