Detecting the Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer Essay

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Detecting the Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer
Non-communicable diseases like cancer are rapidly increasing in number more than the different infectious diseases such as rabies, AIDS, etc. In US alone, the American Cancer Society approximates to diagnose around 223,500 new lung cancer cases with 165,000 expected mortality or deaths in 2012. In fact, 20% of cancer deaths in the developing countries are due to lung cancer. It’s very sad to note that the majority of these deaths are predisposed by smoking.
Part 1: The Risk Factors to Lung Cancer
1. Habits and Environmental Factors that Predispose Cancer
A health practitioner commonly asks of medical history during physical assessment. Identifying risk factors is crucial in the diagnosis and disease management. Being exposed to these risk factors increases the chance of lung cancer.
Many studies have associated smoking tobacco to developing lung cancer. More than 50% of newly diagnosed cases are smokers. If not, they have been exposed to secondhand smoke. In addition, smoking marijuana similarly affects the lung function like any cigarette smoke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals who smoke are likely to have lung cancer 15 to 30 times than those who do not smoke at all.
Exposure to Chemicals and Radiation
What make cigarettes deadly are the chemical components. So even if you are a non-smoker but the people around you do, you are still at risk. When someone puffs cigarette and a…

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