Detection Of Circulating Tumor Cells

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Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells

PI: Ambalika Tanak Project Narrative

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases worldwide caused due to various reasons hence preventing it from spreading further as well as detecting it earlier is where LifeCare Solutions plays a major role in detection of circulating tumor cells using the proposed device. Project summary

The main aim of SBIR phase one proposal is to provide a solution for detecting circulating tumor cells in patients with rectal cancer. “LifeCare Solutions” has come up with an efficient micro device which will change the methodologies used in detection of circulating tumor cells in the present scenario thereby improving the quality of life for cancer patients. On receiving the grant from NIH “LifeCare Solutions” will definitely take the futuristic goals of the company into a much higher level helping the company deliver its customers with devices that become a part of their daily routine by partnering with them for a better life. Detecting circulating tumor cells becomes a complex task as the occurrence of circulating tumor cells in a small quantity of blood becomes untraceable and makes it harder to detect. Cancer being one of the world’s most deadly diseases needs technological support to make sure it is eliminated in the early phase of metastasis, else curing them in a later phase becomes difficult and proves to be fatal. “LifeCare solutions” suggests this micro device to bring
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