Detection Of Optic Disc Location

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Automatic Detection of optic disc location in Color Fundus Retinal Images Using Circle Operator Abstract—In this work a method is proposed to detect optic disk (OD) automatically in color retinal fundus image without using background mask and blood vessels. Based on the properties of OD, an idea of circle operator is presented here. This method has been applied on six public databases and the promising results are obtained. The experimental results indicate that this proposed method of automatic OD detection has good accuracy and is also time efficient. In modern ophthalmology, detection of optic disk is a very important step for retinal image analysis. It is one of the main feature of extracting the anatomical structure of the retina as illustrated in Fig. 1(a). Optic disk can be defined as the circular brighter region in retinal fundus image where blood vessels converge and optic nerve is formed. OD detection is very indispensable for the computer aided diagnosis of different eye diseases such as glaucoma detection and diabetic retinopathy [1]. Fig. 1(b) represents the fundus image with retinal lesion. Many optic disc detection methods have been proposed ear-lier. In [4]–[6], image brightness based methods are proposed. In these methods it is expected that the OD usually resembles according to the brightest pixels within fundus images. In [7] and [8], image variation based methods are proposed based on the statement that the OD has a high image variation due to the

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