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Detective Fictions Detective fictions aren’t like any other genre that one can read. They allow the readers to be engaged throughout the book in many ways as well as letting their own experiences and feelings form relationships with the detectives. They offer a problem in need of a solution which allows the reader to be involved by using their imagination and problem solving skills. Detective fictions also makes the reader find themselves not wanting to put the book down because of the excitement and the erg to know what is going to happen next. The readers may see themselves connecting with the heroes and also they will notice the unique skills that the detectives have. Detective Fictions are appealing to readers because they allow the reader to be involved throughout the story by using their imagination to solve the problem, they read about situations that keeps them on their toes throughout the book and the reader builds a relationship with the “hero.” People are natural problem solvers. They have the drive to find solutions to problem that they come in contact with. They need their minds to be involved and challenged in what they are reading to keep them interested and the best way to do that is to give them a problem with some actions that keeps them on their toes. This happens when they are reading a detective fiction book. When a situation appears in the story right then their minds start working and thinking of ideas and solutions to this problem. As the facts in

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