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Detective Fix, the closest character to an antagonist from the novel “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne might appear vexatious or irritable to many. However, this little man with very inquisitive and bright eyes has quite an important role to play in the novel. Delighted and earnest for the reward of 2,000 pounds, Mr. Fix sets on a venturesome trail after the wrong person. In spite of Fix’s deceit, determination and overconfidence reprising a significant position in the crux of the story, it also creates obstacles in the way of Phileas Fogg’s journey. An evident attribute in Fix’s personality, which often makes him aggravating to readers, is his deceitfulness. Often as his motives and thoughts when executed into actions, he tends to be not straightforward in his ways. This trait of Fix usually raises difficulties in Fogg’s goal. Fix’s such quality manifests itself, when Fix persists the three priests to pursue Passepartout for his…show more content…
As Fix informs Fogg that he is free from all accusations, he appears to be humble and does not protest when Fogg punches him like he would have if he were his own vain and overconfident self. It is evident that he has accepted and realized his hasty mistakes through this and hence can be stated as a dynamic character. In the last chapter, the author also mentions that Fogg has split his winnings with the “hapless” Fix, which indicates that Fix almost certainly had a change of heart. Fix is also a round character lucidly since the readers are exposed to multiple attributes and qualities of Fix. As he is a character with multiple shades through the course of the story such as deceit, determination, overconfidence, intelligence, hastiness and many more. Despite the infuriation Fix’s character traits sometimes inflict in readers, it also blends together in the novel to weave a remarkable

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